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All Our People Are Invited

Participating Countries

USA • USA White Rusia ( Belarus ) United Arab Emirates Denmark Esthonia Finland France Netherland England Iran Ireland Kuwait Lihuania Hungary Portuguese Russian Federation Turkey New Zealand

Sports within the scope of Festival Activities

As part of May 19 Youth and Sports Day Activities, sporters, each of whom are the professional of their own branch, demonstrated in 6 (six) branches, including base jump, climbing, slackline, canoe, Stand Up Pedal (SUP ) and paramotor for extreme sport events and shows between 17-18-19 May 2017 in the border of Vezirköprü Şahinkaya Canyon.


Festival Area ( Falcon Park )

Vezirsuyu Natural Park, locating at the southwest exit of Şahinkaya Canyon is the area of festival. The distance between the festival area and the canyon is 30 minutes by car and about 1 hour by boat.

Those who want to attend the festival can reach the festival area through their own means or by getting information from transportation tabs.
In the camping site, places were allocated for people wanting to have a picnic and attend the camp with their own tents and food and drinks were on sale for attendants.
Slackline, Canoe and SUP, which general public could also try were performed in the borders of camping site.


A place is allocated in Vezirsuyu Natural Park for those who wants to attend the camp with their own tents.
People can meet their needs like shower, restroom..etc in the facilities situated in the festival area.
There are alternative accommodation places in the hotels in Vezirköprü and Havza for guests who don’t want to stay in tents.

Food & Drinks

Those who want to attend the festival and stay in camp with their own tents is to meet their food and drink needs by their own means during the festival.
The area is favorable for having picnic.
Food and drinks are on the sale in the cafeteria placing in the area.

Settlement Plan / Transportation

On the 17th – 18th – 19th of May, expeditions were organised so that attendants could easily reach the festival area.
Departure From Samsun Terminal 
There is a transportation facility starting from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm at the beginning of every hour. The last time of departure is 09.00 pm.

Departure From Festival Area
There is a transportation facility starting from 10.00 am to 06.00 pm at the beginning of every hour. The last time of departure is 09.00 pm.

* The price per person is 16 TL

The distance between Vezirköprü and Samsun is 110 km and the transportation to the district is provided by highway. To go on forward from Vezirköprü, the transportation is provided by personal vehicles through the villages Adatepe, Oymaağaç and Türkmen.

Şahinkaya Canyon, which a kind of cut valley geographically is a natural wonder locating between 41 16’ 32,1” North and 35 25’ 01,2” East longtitudes in the Vezirköprü district of Samsun and it is 20 km from the town centre. It is a significant tourism value for Vezirköprü with its 4,5 km length, 106 meters water depth in average and 400 meters wall height. The fact that the canyon can be seen entering by water crafts adds a mystery to the canyon.

Moreover, Kuruçay and Çeltek quays providing the transportation of people living accross the Dam Altınkaya to Vezirköprü have floating platforms used for carrying passenger, load and vehicle. Festival area is in the Vezirsuyu Natural Park and there is a tent area for accommodation, relaxation and preparations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is any fee necessary to participate the festival?
It is free of charge
Is there an age limit for participation ?
There is no age limit. Children, the youngs and adults from every age are allowed to participate.
How can people coming from outside the city reach the festival area?
They can get Samsun Çarşamba Airport by airway and reach Vezirköprü where there is transportation with vehicles from bus terminal. Firstly, they should get the city centre by Bafaş bus making departure from Çarşamba Airport and then they should reach the bus terminal by bus or minibus making departure from centrum. They can arrive Vezirköprü from Samsun Bus Terminal by minibusses.
How can we reach there if we have no vehicle?
You can reach Vezirköprü by vehicles making departure from Samsun Bus Terminal.
What kind of accommodation facilities are there?
You can camp with your own tents in the camp site or stay at hotels in Vezirköprü and Havza.
What kinds of equipments should we bring with us to set up a camp?
You should bring some personal needs like tent, sleeping bag…etc.
Are there services for vital needs in the camp site?
WC facilities are available in the camp site.
Are there falities to meet the participants’ food&drink needs in the area?
Besides cafeteria, there will be opened a booth where you can shop in the area. Furthermore, there are convenient grounds where you can have a picnic and make barbecue with foods and food stuffs which you bring with you.
How is the schedule of the festival?
Activities and workshops are performed between 09.00 am and 06.00 pm. The schedule is available on our website.
Are there any activities in the evening?
There are activities like chatting, music, movie screening in the evenings of 17-18-19 May.
Festivale günübirlik katılabilir miyiz ?
You can choose any convenient day for you from 17-18-19 May. .
Can we chat with the sporters participating the festival?
Yes, you can chat during their free time and satisfy your wonder about the sports.
Can guests try these sports?
You can try climbing, canoe and SUP with the help of these Professional sporters during the workshops.
Can we bring our musical enstrument with us?
You can bring and organise your own activities
Can we swim in the canyon?
It is not allowed to swim in the canyon during the festival.

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